Monday, October 26, 2009

adventures of mr. strawberry and mrs. orange

Back in January 2008 we began a series focusing on the adventures of Mr. Strawberry and Mrs. Orange (actually it was only one post and then I forgot about them).

When we packed our house in June of 2008 to prepare for the big move, I thought we got rid of, I mean lost Mr. Strawberry and Mrs. Orange. However, when we began to unpack at our new home at Ft Sill in March 2009 I discovered them in a box. Mr. Strawberry and Mrs. Orange had been in storage from June 2008 through March 2009. Needless to say they had a great adventure, but they were ready to be back home with us again.

Their adventure began in Corsicana, TX where they were packed in a moving box by one of our helpful family members. That box was then loaded on to a truck and transported to a storage facility in Frisco, TX. Once unloaded at the storage unit their adventure continued as they spent the next nine months protecting our household goods in the storage unit. In March the box was was then transported to Ft Sill in Lawton, OK. A few days after arriving at Ft Sill Mr. Strawberry and Mrs. Orange were discovered. We were all exuberant with joy?
As you can see in the pictures Sebastian was especially excited to be reunited.

Mr. Strawberry and Mrs. Orange are now in their new home with us and hopefully will continue their adventures for years to come.

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